Is Myanmar safe for solo female travelers?

Is Myanmar safe for solo female travelers?

We’d say that Myanmar is absolutely safe for solo female travellers. It’s going to be a trip to remember, that’s for sure.

And honestly? There’s not a lot of hassle or high levels of sexual harassment to watch out for in Myanmar. But because society is still developing, women are still faced with certain limitations. So it’s definitely smart to know how to travel Myanmar like a pro…

  • Dressing appropriately is definitely something you should do. Either going for a longyi and some sort of blouse, or baggy trousers and a top that covers your shoulders. Tight leggings will stick out. Look at what the other women are wearing and follow suit. Chances are you’ll get a lot more respect if you’re dressed more like a local.
  • Make a few travel buddies. Staying somewhere that has good reviews from other female travellers is a smart move. Making friends with another woman travelling through Myanmar will allow you some company and be useful for bouncing stories and tips off of.
  • We wouldn’t advise going out drinking alone. Not because it’s unsafe but because you probably will get attention. Places like 19th Street (Yangon), or beer stations around the country are quite male-dominated and you may feel uncomfortable alone.
  • If you’re travelling on a train, bus, or boat by yourself, we’d recommend sitting with other women. Women travelling alone can be seen as pretty odd by Burmese people – it’s just not done. So making friends with some local ladies, or just chatting to other female tourists, is a good way to make yourself more comfortable.
  • Find yourself a tour if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all. Even if it’s just a walking tour of a town or city. This is a great way to meet people. Plus you’ll also get to learn more about Myanmar. Win-win.
  • Don’t touch monks! Myanmar is a deeply Buddhist country and monks are off-limits to women. Even if you’re passing something to a monk, don’t do it directly – just place it within his reach. That’s just the way it is.
  • With this in mind, be aware that you can’t go to certain stupas or religious sites. Women, for whatever reason, just aren’t allowed in some holy places in Myanmar.
  • Stock up on sanitary products before you head out of Yangon or Mandalay. The likelihood is you aren’t going to be finding them anywhere that’s even remotely off the beaten track.

Of course, travelling alone may make you seem ‘odd’ by the local people. But you’re a foreigner – you’ll be odd anyway. And the easy antidote to that is to make some friends, take a tour, or simply to chatting to some local ladies. You’ll have an amazing time.


325 thoughts on “Is Myanmar safe for solo female travelers?

  1. One of my dreams is to go on a solo trip around my beloved native country but now.. look at me being hopeless :'(

  2. Great tip: go sit and talk with local women. Even if they can’t understand you they will talk to you in hand gestures 🤣🤣 ’cause Myanmar Women are very talkative. But be prepared for the personal questions especially from Aunties whose badly want to know why you are going around with a backpack.

  3. Although it is safe but I don’t recommend to travel alone. Most of the local people are familiar with male domination so it really seems odd for female traveler.

  4. Myanmar is a rather safe place to travel. Most locals are friendly, warm and willing to help to other people especially the foreigners. However, it is never wrong to take extra precautions when visiting new places. There will always be some guys trying to rip-off you for buying local products and persuade you to use more money than needed. In safety regards, it is better not to wander alone. You never know what will happen, right? It is understandable that you do not want any stressful situations and worries when traveling, but your safety is the must-be first priority when traveling alone.

  5. Who are u fooling? Travel solo is NOT safe for a woman in Myanmar. Of course unless u take a flight, go straight to nice hotel, attend some bussiness meeting and then go back home. But we are talking about backpack travelling. Lets be honest. Would u let ur 19 year old daughter go for a 10 day trip alone?

  6. I lkike to travel and I really​ like​ this pkace Myanmar. This is​ beautiful​ country.

  7. Foe me Myanmar is safe for solo female travelers. If you are foreigner safer than us unless you don’t forbidden place.
    People from Myanmar are very kindful to strangers (but not military guys in Myanmar). When you struggle on the road, you just smile and ask for help they will give you free drive if you wanna too..

  8. I always wish that I will travel to untouched and natural places of Myanmar alone.I will fulfill my wish by myself after this darkest time.

  9. Yes, it is safe for solo foreign female traveller. Not for local female.
    I’m trying to go a solo trip but It’s gonna be hard for me.
    They said like a bad female.

    1. Myanmar is absolutely safe for solo female travellers. Well, that’s as maybe but I don’t recommend it. Myanmar has male-dominated society. So, if you’re a solo female traveler, you can’t be comfort and can inconvenient with what you can face while you’re traveling.

  10. Most of Myanmar people are hospitality and helping to foreign visitors.So ,I believe female solo visitors may be safe.

  11. As for me, Myanmar is absolutely safe for solo female travellers. I traveled many regions in Myanmar and it is very safely. Regional people are very warm and lovely. You can see the warm smiles on the beautiful faces.

  12. Ofcoz safe. Not today. After revolution is over, you can drive from North to south of Myanmar and enjoy the trip. Coz you will see different culture and living style from Northern /Middle and southern Myanmar.

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