Rih, the Heart of Chin

Rih, the Heart of Chin

Chin State

Chin state is located in northwest of Myanmar. Beautiful fountains of clouds, rare herbal plants and orchids, unique ethnic groups, different cultures and surprising festivals make Chin State famous not in Myanmar but also on the world. Breathtaking views of mountains never fail to attract worldwide mountaineers whereas amazing culture of Naga and other over hundred of ethnic groups, together with ethnic inked culture called Pa-Ye_get tattooed all over the face of women and men, keep many journalists and tourists occupied in villages and towns. Having borderline with India, Chin state offers herbs, cloth and jewelleries with reasonable price. Peaceful, honest and hardworking Chin people also have interesting legendary stories and spiritual worship. Among them, Rih Lake is a must-see.

picture showing the view of chin land.

picture showing the view of chin land. 

picture showing the view of chin land.


How to Go

From Yangon, all three transport systems; railway, express and flight are available to get to Chin state. If you have time, take railway but there’s no sleeper coach to Chin state and will take you three nights to get there.  Express takes about 21 hours to get to Kalay. From Kalay, you can hire a taxi to Rhi Lake. It will take about 6 hours if you stop at some interesting places like WindyHill “LayHtanKone” where the shirt you drop will fly upwards by the strong wind. Since the road is quite tough and rough, you need to stop at Chin style homecook restaurants for your curving. Food might be a little different with Yangon taste, and simply a half-fried egg might satisfy a choosy person. To recommend, try NaNout curry, the signature curry dish of Chin state. For light eaters, try Chin Doughnuts with Chin coffee. I bet you won’t regret the choice.

Over mountains and hills with breathtaking cloudsea around your car worth six-hour ride. After crossing MumSung Bridge, another good stop to take photos, your next stop is Rhi Lake.

Rhi, the Heart of Chin


Rhi lake is located in Mizorum district, borderline next to India. You might be very surprised when you see Rhi because the lake itself forms the shape of ‘heart’ naturally. People from Chin and India believe that their ancestors’ spirits fall into Rhi lake when they pass away. Some believe Rhi was the place of ancient dragons.

Some say it is a holy lake of spirits and angles. Around the lake are grass-like plants called Spiritual Border Plants. Try not to pick, press or walk on the plants because they believe the spirit rest on plants. The most wonderful fact about Rhi is that the water in the lake turns dark for a whole day once a year. If you bring the water from Rhi lake back to your home, that water also turns muddy or dark on that same day when Rhi lake turns dark. There are four bungalows on the hill where you can enjoy the sunset view and also starry night. Rental fees per bungalow per night is 40,000Ks. Inside bungalow includes two single beds, a restroom and shower only, so you need to take a blanket, a pillow and shower amenities.

There is also a guesthouse within a 7minute drive from the lake with better room facilities. Most tourists stay there because it is very cold at night inside bungalows. For food, only one restaurant close to Rhi lake serves delicious ethnic dishes with reasonable price. I recommend to stay at bungalow to have better real-life experiences. Your whole day tiring ride will be gone after a fresh, natural cold shower and watching an amazing golden sunset.


Lie on the grass beside the lake, feeling the cold atmosphere and misty breeze, with a sip of traditional rice wine ‘KhaoYay’ and smoked NaNout meat and bbq, with a small campfire under starry sky will mark itself as one of the best campfire memories. As night gets deeper, stars get brighter and this is obviously the sky you can’t see in city life. If you are a morning person, take an early walk around the lake and breathe in very clean and fresh air across the lake, and take a warm and homecook breakfast from the restaurant beside the lake, while watching sunrise. All I can say is that the strange yet amazing Rhi will give you the most wonderful and exciting feelings every single time you see it.


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