U Bein Bridge : Our Historical Place

U Bein Bridge : Our Historical Place

U Bein Bridge

The bridge that was built in Taungthaman Lake is one of the famous places in Myanmar. It was situated in Amarapura, Mandalay- the central region of Myanmar. It is quiet easy to get to this bridge by motorcycle or auto rickshaw also called Tuk Tuk that cost around 5000 MMK, about $3. This is for the solo travelers- if it is hard to get to the place, they can ask for the local people who are really friendly and helpful with no hesitation.


The name of this bridge came from the mayor called U Bein who built it. It is approximately 1.2 km long and built around 1850 when the Capital of Ava Kingdom moved to Amarapura. Not like with other bridges in Myanmar, all parts of bridge was made by teak so it has been not only very convenient for local people but also for tourists who love to explore around Myanmar. Another interesting point is that the ancient Myanmar engineers made scale it by counting the footsteps (Historic books about U Bein Bridge)

Best time to visit U Bein Bridge

The best time to visit U Bein Bridge is summer and winter as the water level rises during the rainy season. If you want to see the views of monks commute along the bridge, it will be better to go in the morning, plus you can also see the breathtaking of view of U Bein Bridge at the sunrise. Some people still choose to go at sunset too, however, the roads are so busy due to the traffic jam.

Famous food and drink in U Bein Bridge

As it is the tourist attraction spot and also the best place for relaxation for students and also local people too. There is no wonder why there are many shops where you can try very delicious local cuisine. Highly recommend to try Burmese Tempura also called “A Kyaw Sone” once you visited U Bein Bridge. Also don’t forget to try coconut juice that is so sweet while chilling or waiting for the sunset.

Local Souvenirs

Visitors are also highly recommended to wander around the bridge where there are many local artists who are painting magnificent view of Myanmar. Moreover, there are also many local handcrafts  such as keychain or hairpin. In addition to this, visitors can also purchase one of the Burmese ancient attire called “Cheik Longyi” in most of the shops in Amarapura township.

Activities for visitors

U Bein Bridge has been used as a commuter by local people to go and back. People also enjoy doing different kinds of sports like jogging, walking or running in this area too. Both local travelers and tourists really love to take a photo with the amazing view from the bridge. Moreover, taking a boat tour is also popular activity in this area too.

Special advice for the visitors

If you are willing to visit U Bein Bridge, please kindly follow the rules and regulations set by the local people. As it is a lake and also can give as a shelter for many aquatic species, you have to be aware with your litter. Please kindly drop your litter in the bin.


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    I always want to go and feel scenery as local person is my dream since I am living in other city.

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    when i went there very first time with my friend, she was very angry with me….Why she angry with me even i bring her such a popular bridge?? I promised her to reach there sunset, but when we reach, it is very dark.. 🙂 she can’t take beautiful picture and can’t chill at local stall alongside of lake.. She do not speak to me even we return back to hotel…(I am best travel planner…when i recall this memory back it make me smile.)

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    1. Thank you for your sharing which attract visitors to Myanmar. Please post more posts about Myanmar’s valuable and beautiful places for tourists to our country.

    1. The Ava Kingdom was the dominant kingdom that ruled upper Burma from 1364 to 1555. Founded in 1365, the kingdom was the successor state to the petty kingdoms of Myinsaing, Pinya and Sagaing that had ruled central Burma since the collapse of the Pagan Empire in the late 13th century.

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    Just my thoughts

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