Train to Mandalay

Train to Mandalay

Train to Mandalay


Nowadays, travelling by train has been a popular mode especially among youths where we can get with reasonable prices plus unforgettable memories and experiences.


There are many advantages of travelling by train except it takes too many hours to reach our destination. However, lots of activities can be done during this time where you can witness the breathtaking landscape of the environment, take many beautiful photos on the train and even you can try traditional foods that are sold by street sellers when the train stops for a while.


Travel Route

As I mentioned before, it will take more hours than cars but if you don’t feel comfortable on cars like you are not willing to sleep on cars, I strongly recommend traveling by train.


Normally, the train in our country used to feel dizzy for most of the travelers due to its system. But now, the train that departs from Yangon to Mandalay will give you a more comfortable feeling than before because of its transformation. It only stops for three times in all its way where you can arrive at Mandalay at 5 A.M if the train departs from 3 P.M. So, approximately it takes only 10 hours to arrive at your destination.


How to buy a train ticket

There are two different seats like planes: (1) economy and (2) business and you can get them with reasonable prices too. It costs only 9300 MMK, only $5 for business class. The only weakness is it has a limited seat and departs only a time per day so needless to say that you have to buy a train ticket three days ahead before you go to Mandalay.

If you want to buy a train ticket ahead, you can buy it at the ticket office situated in Bogyoke Street. Except for National Holidays, you can purchase the ticket easily and your Identity Card (or) ID is a must when you buy a train ticket.


Let’s explore around Mandalay


These are the places that you shouldn’t miss if your route starts from “Myauk Pyin,”


  1. Mandalay Hill
  2. The KuThoDaw Pagoda
  3. Kyauk Daw Kyi Pagoda
  4. Shwenandaw Monastery
  5. Mandalay Palace


But when you explore from “U Bein Bridge,” I strongly recommend to visit-


  1. Mahamuni Pagoda
  2. U Bein Bridge and Taung Tha Man Lake
  3. Pa Htoe Daw Gyi Pagoda
  4. Weaving for the clothes that made and painted by hands
  5. Sandamuni Pagoda


These are the places that you shouldn’t miss once you visited to Mandalay.

Famous foods and drink


Once you hear about Mandalay, you will definitely see how delicious their foods are where you can get them with reasonable prices. Here are some famous restaurants around Mandalay-


For breakfast

  1. Shwe Pyi Moe Cafe situated 66th street between 26th and 27th
  2. Che Linn Shan Noodles at the corner of 65th street
  3. Rice noodle shop situated at 16th street
  4. Shwe Muse Noodles Shop at 76th street between 33rd and 34th
  5. If you want to try rice noodles, recommend to have it at Shwe Yaung Linn situated at 31st street between 72nd and 73rd
  6. If you are a big fan of tea, just try three colour tea at the corner of 73rd and 33rd

For lunch, I recommend to try Burmese cuisine where you can get in most of the shops.


For dinner, I recommend to try Burmese cuisine again, but this time try to have it at street vendors who sell only for dinner. You can find such a kind of shop around Mandalay University Campus.


Local Souvenirs


Mandalay used to be a Royal City where it still influences the ancient culture and traditions.

So, for the local souvenirs, you can purchase both foods and gifts. The former one is very famous and delicious food, also called “Htoe-Mote”. Among many choices for souvenirs, you must buy traditional shoe called “Kadipa” and the silk longyi, the product from Amarapura and Burmese traditional items such as lacquerware, Silver ware, Pathein Umbrella, Gemstone painting and so on.


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      I love cuisine in this city. I like the beautiful and wonderful places in this city. Next days, l will try to go there by train. Thank you for sharing about this beautiful city.

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    BTW, I love INNWA city too. When i went Mandalay I went INNWA too..

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    Where the flyin’-fishes play,
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  21. Thanks.

    Shwe Muse Noodles Shop is my favorite and it is cooked by real Shan people from Shan States and it provided beef meatballs soups and fermented rice-water lemonade and prickled bamboo shoot salad. I used to add chopped fresh garlic and chopped green chili and bamboo shoot prickled ( free side dish ) inside my beef meat ball soup which is pepper mint hot and spicy and feel energetic again. It served in the morning as breakfast and closed at 12:00 at the noon. However , I used to go there at 10 -11 a.m. and have it as my lunch and is enough amount and energy for the whole day. I want to have it again one day.

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