8 Bucket List Destinations in Naypyitaw

8 Bucket List Destinations in Naypyitaw

8 Bucket List Destinations in Naypyitaw

If I tell you that Naypyitaw is an excellent tourism site, would you agree? You might think that this ghost city is just of barren flatlands. But what if I show you some proof? I’m sure you’ll be awed at the jaw-dropping sights of unbelievably majestic destinations. Have a look at these 8 recommended bucket list destinations in Naypyitaw that I’m sure you’ll fall in love with them!

  1. Sin Phyu Mountain

This small infamous mountain shares a deep history with its nearby sister mountain, Hlay Khwin Taung. Legends say that two twin sisters serve the mountains as deities. While you watch down the green paddy fields and ponds surrounding the mountain, you can treat the cute, gentle monkeys with some nuts and grains! However, it’s a pity that there are not enough funds to preserve the historic site and keep the area clean, as there are very few people who visit the mountain.

  1. Hlay Khwin Mountain

Not far from Sin Phyu Mountain is Hlay Khwin Mountain. Located by the Sittaung River, you can see stunning scenes of the Paunglaung Dam and the eastern mountain ranges. At the foot of the mountain, why not take a rest in nearby restaurants, or go kayaking in the river? I’m sure you’ll not regret this splendid experience.

  1. Pa Zun Zeik Khone Waterfall

This waterfall only recently became a travel destination in 2020. You’ll have to ride a boat across the tremendous Paunglaung Dam for approximately 50 minutes before finding this magnificent waterfall right before your very eyes. As it is a very newly discovered site, it is not easy to reach the top of the waterfall. Strong ropes are required to “climb” to the uppermost step of this waterfall. It takes more than an hour and a half, but it is worth the climb, trust me! I highly recommend you to get your adventurous friends together and have a visit.

  1. Phoe Zaung Mountain

Whoever visits Naypyitaw will surely notice this big stand-alone mountain in the middle of the metropolis; Phoe Zaung Mountain. You can choose to visit religious sites such as Naypyitaw Buddha Gaya and Maha Thetkya Yanthi, or you may get a panoramic view, where you can see almost all of Naypyitaw. The majestic mountain ranges tower in the east, while flatlands lay in the west. The best time to watch the scenery is in the evening, when tens of thousands of street lights light up the city, sparkling like gold glitter.

  1. Ngalaik Elephant Camp

Wouldn’t it be awesome and cute to interact with our Myanmar elephants? At Ngalaik Elephant Camp, you can feed, ride and observe elephants of different ages and sizes. Or maybe take some selfies with the elephants, relax on a boat ride in the Ngalaik Dam, and have Burmese cuisine for your meal. You can carry out many activities here because it is all-in-one!

  1. Paunglaung Dam

This is the biggest dam in Naypyitaw, sitting on towering rocky mountains in the east of Pyinmana. You may assume there’s nothing to do at a dam, but in fact, the sceneries are amazing! Patches of soft, green grass around the dam make it an ideal place to go on a picnic and spend some time with your family and friends. Look down onto the plains, and you’ll see the city of Pyinmana, a view you will hardly forget.

  1. Mya Thidar (or) The 7 Steps Waterfall

Located within small traditional villages on the mountains far east of Pyinmana, it is highly recommended to visit for those who desire to run away from daily stress. As the name says, this astonishing waterfall is composed of 7 main steps, each one stunning. The waters are crystal-clear, so it is required to keep litter along with you on your return.

  1. Naypyitaw Sea of Clouds Viewpoint

This one is absolutely a must-go. Despite the rough route, long car ride, poor internet connection, and much likely a remote area, the awe-inspiring and puffy sea of clouds will make your jaw drop indeed. It is such a perfect destination for photoshoots and relaxation. However, you’ll have to arrive just in time, or the clouds will dissolve into thin air.


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  1. I’ve been Naypyidaw before, but I don’t know about these beautiful places and I saw only flatlands in Naypyidaw. Thanks for sharing new beautiful places.

    1. I really like and enjoy The 7 Steps Waterfall.
      If I get a chance, I’ll travel again to this waterfall.

  2. Oh, Really. I still doubt about ‘sea of clouds’ exist in Naypyitaw (Ghost City).
    Paunglaung Dam is in my bucket list. From there I would like to continue PinLong bridge , southern Shan state and Kayah.

  3. Lewe, naypyitaw is my hometown but i haven’t been yet some of places even not heard. Thanks for your discovery.

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  5. I want to recommend you guys to visit Hlay Hkwin Taung resort , the place you can swing in the swallow. The water is clean and crystal clear. Along the dam, you can have the snacks and relax at the shops. The view is awesome and it is perfect for those who enjoy to take photos

  6. A visit to Pazun Seik waterfall is memoriable. We have to cross the Paung Laung dam where 23 Paung Laung villages were sinked from the breaking of the dam at about 2009. While you are riding a boat aross the dam, the sceneries were so wonderful, amazing and you will see the tip of a pagoda (Sein Phue Taw) which was sinking under water.

  7. I have been Nay Pyi Taw when I was very little age ..at that time there is nothing much to visit … I really don’t know about these beautiful places exist there ..

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  9. I’ve been living in Naypyitaw for 11yrs but it’s so sad that I only know 1 place in them. Kinda funny! Whatever this article gives me knowledge about it. So after the victory of us, I’ll visit these beautiful places.

  10. I’ve been living in Naypyitaw for 11yrs but it’s so sad that I only know 1 place in them. Kinda funny! Whatever this article gives me knowledge about it. After the victory of us, I’ll visit these beautiful places.

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