Exploring Upper Myanmar

Exploring Upper Myanmar

Exploring Upper Myanmar


(Picture of Kachin Iceberg: Photo credit goes to original creator)


Travelling to an unspoiled place is the bucket list of most travellers. Myanmar has many such unspoiled places, left out to get described on social media. Even virgin islands of lower Myanmar get more exposed than giant icebergs of upper Myanmar. Here are some significant yet unnoticed places in upper Myanmar together with their signature food.


Kachin state, the northernmost part of Myanmar, is famous for Myitsone, the formation of Irrawaddy River from the junction of Maykha and Malikha river. Though many travellers might visit there, many missed out the giant and beautiful icebergs which are quite far to go from Myitkyina, the capital city of Kachin. If you have the chance, plan a trip to meet the mighty icebergs of Kachin, which lies huge and white, being a home for many rare species of animals and plants.

(Picture of Kachin iceberg: photo credit goes to original creator)

(Picture of Kachin iceberg : photo credit goes to original creator)

Being mountaineers’ favourite spot, the villages at the base of the icebergs sell freshly hunted meat and many medicinal herbs. Some herbs like mountain ginseng and cordyceps might cost over $1000. If you are interested, go hiking on icebergs which are ready to get listed in your top 10 life adventures. Famous Kachin herbal cocktail which will give you a pain-free morning after miles of tiring iceberg hiking can be bought from local bazaar. Another signature food is Kachin biryani (Kachin Danpok) rice and vegetables like carrots, beans and herbs cooked together and packed inside a portion of banana leaf. Served with Kachin style meat dishes, Kachin Danpok remain number one signature food for being delicious and nutritious at the same time. For getting quite too far from the commercial city, Yangon, Kachin icebergs remain unspoiled peacefully till now.

(Picture of Kachin Danpok : photo credit goes to original creator)



(Picture of Chin State: photo credit goes to original creator)

Chin state is a developing state where many ethnic groups who speak different languages live peacefully and it gets crowded only during festive seasons. Tedim, also known as the town in heaven, gets famous lately for its floating clouds below the houses like water flowing down from a waterfall. Occupying different landscapes from mountains to fields, Chin state offers a lot of unspoiled places to explore. Most people visit during January and February where red Rhododendron, Taungzalat flowers bloom all over the hilly region. Rhododendron wine (Taungzalat wine) is a famous gift from Chin state. Nanout curry and Sarbuutee, traditional Chin soup, are must-try signature dishes.

(Picture of Taungzalat: photo credit goes to original creator)





(Picture of Icy Grass : photo credit goes to original creator)

Though many tourists visit Mandalay, they miss out Mogok, the ruby land. To get to Mogok, you need to face 999 turns if you go from Madaya town. Due to peaceful and quite lifestyle of Mogok people, where ruby mining is the only major job, travellers visit only for buying ruby and local jewelleries like peridot, garnet, aquamarine, amethyst, and sapphire.

(Picture of raw jems: photo credit goes to original creator)

Vast of wild sunflower covers all over the mountains and fields of Mogok in summer and in winter, the snow creates icy droplets on grass and trees. Mogok signature noodle with pickled bamboo shoot is one of the tourists’ favourite. Nan-Tone, pork belly made into jelly-like snack, is available only in winter when the cold is strong enough to hardern the pork oil into jelly-like solid. Rock Fingure, Kyauk-Lat-Nyo, is a must-see place where the whole town can be viewed from above.


(Picture of Nan-Tone: photo credit goes to original creator)




Despite of Inlay Lake in Shan state, Hsipaw ia a hidden jem for adventurous travellers. Goteik viaduct, started constructing in 1899 and opened in 1900, was a world famous viaduct and many tourists came to ride the train which pass over it and to see vast of wild sunflowers from the train as it passes throuh the towns.  viaduct is closed for now and travellers get fewer.

(Picture of Goteik Bridge: photo credit goes to original creator)

Hsipaw Myitsone, junction of Namatu and Nanma stream, is very beautiful where tourists can take a boat trip along. If you get Hsipaw, try Za-Kaw-Hta-Min, traditional rice and curry set served in a wide, circle tray called Zakaw. Vegetables and meat dishes cooked in Shan style, together with rice packed in banana leaf, are tailor-made for different tourists. Waterfalls, riverbank and pagodas like Little Bagan will make your Hsipaw trip worth visiting.

(Picture of Hsipaw Myitsone: photo credit goes to original creator)

(Picture of Za-Kaw-Hta-Min: photo credit goes to original creator)


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    1. I visit only for buying ruby and local jewelleries. And I really love to meet peaceful and quite lifestyle of Mogok people. City is called “Ruby Land”.

  1. Myanmar is a wonderful country, attracting every year more and more tourists indeed.

    “Warmly welcome from a golden land.”

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    I have been ‘Goteik Bridge’ when i worked at Mandalay. It is more freshy and beautiful at site. I wanna go there again, Very excited once the train pass over the bridge and tunnel. I saw beautiful waterfall there.
    Ruby from Myanmar is very popular. Most of my ex-colleague from aboard talking about it and always asking price to me. but i do not know and never been there before. Yeah, it is on my bucket list too…hahaha

  3. This is our land of precious… Hope to regain our dignity and tranquility very soon… Thanks a lot for sharing this article…

  4. I went to Chin state 3 years ago. That was really good and I don’t even want to go home LOL! It’s really cold at Chin state, when you wake up early it feel soo good. And there’s clouds under our village out there. Really cool and I’ll never forget that moment but now, mother f**king Burmese military is destroying the beauty of Chin state. I praying for you guys(Chins). God be with you!

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