Pin Laung: A Journey to The Magical Town

Pin Laung: A Journey to The Magical Town

Pin Laung: A Journey to The Magical Town

Pin Laung, a full of peaceful and magical place, situated 4,950’ feet above sea level in Southern Shan State of Myanmar. It is also between major tourist towns, Kalaw & Loikaw. Most of the people, who living in Pin Laung, are Pa’O ethnic group, the second largest ethnic group in Shan State. Pin Laung also known as a town hidden by the angel.

Why they call like this? Let’ see.

When you come from Kalaw, you will see “Welcome from Pin Laung” but you will not arrive yet because there is a hill which hiding the town. After passing this hill, you will see the beautiful town, Pin Laung, with miracle. I’m sure you will say “wow” or “amazing” without noticing anything. That’s why we called “The Town Hidden by The Angel”.


The weather is so cool and it also 18C in winter. Don’t forget to bring your beautiful cardigan to take the best photos. If you go there in rainy season, June ~September, you will also see tremendous rice paddy field like as Bali’s paddy field.



How we go?

Photo : Lain Li Bridge

Photo : Lain Li Bridge  Special Credit to original artist

You can go there by Express from Aung Mingalar Highway. It also convenient with your own car through the way Nay Pyi Taw – Pin Laung road. I would like to suggest to go in day time with your own car as the way of the Nay Pyi Taw-Pin Laung Road is narrow and winding. Nevertheless, you will feel the fresh air and delightful sceneries while passing through the Lane Li Bridge.

The famous places, a must visit;

  1. Lone Nagar Pat Mount
  2. Kaungdaw Natural Cave
  3. Sin San Waterfall
  4. Loi Maung Taung (or) Loi Maung

San-Kar-Inn – Tar Khaung Pagoda – Tar Yoe (Embankment)Mount

  1. Behind The Leaf Coffee Factory
  2. Harr Waterfall
  3. Pin Laung Myo Ma Market
  4. Mway Daw Pagoda
  5. Nant Mon Gyi Waterfall



Where we sleep?

Day view of Pin Laung

Day view of Pin Laung

Night view of pin laung

We can stay at Pin Laung Hotel Resort and Wine Wine Lal Motel. Pin Laung Hotel Resort will suitable who chilling alone or family and relax. For youth, Wine Wine Lal Motel is convenient and fare price. It also near downtown of Pin Laung and restaurants. I swear you will like the view of mountain if you living in third floor of motel. Near to the motel, Aung Aung Yin Restaurant, Aung Thiri Restaurant, Tun Family Restaurant and Sein Family Restaurant are famous and its available Myanmar Food, Shan Food and Chinese Food.

Photo: The view from Behind the Leaf Coffee Factory

If you would like to take Coffee, there is also a hiding place which need to ride about 15 minutes from town. A place called San Nan Taw Restaurant. Another place is Behind The Leaf Coffee factory, you can also taste natural coffee. It also takes about 20minutes to arrive.

You can also buy as local presents: dried pickle tea, pickle tea, oranges, dried red-chili, bean and coffee from Pin Laung Myoma Market.

If you want to know history of each place, you can also connect with Amazing Pinlaung Travelling Service and the local guide will explain briefly. Please do not throw rubbish while you visiting Pin Laung because the town is clean and local people throw rubbish systematically.

Nevertheless, I would like to suggest to visit there and identify the beauty of the town, which more beautiful than photos, with your eyes. Wishing you enjoy your trip when you visit to Pin Laung, a magical town.


2,168 thoughts on “Pin Laung: A Journey to The Magical Town

    1. I love Pinlong Town, it has beautiful scene , cool weather ,famous pickle tea ,fruits and famous Shan noodle .

  1. Peaceful Place.
    I travel to Pin Laung every year with my family. My favorite part is taking photos on the Lain Li bridge.

  2. Nan Mon Gyi waterfall near Pin Long is worth to visit and you can see the sea of cloud before you get the Lain Li bridge.

  3. I already say amazing by just seeing the photo.We need to apologise our brothers after that situation.

  4. if not covid-19 and military coup, I were there since last year…I ever wanna go “Lain Li Bridge” and Nant Mon Gyi Waterfall. Of course exploring in the city and the places you mentioned above. I prefer Nay Pyi Taw-Pin Laung Road so that I can see beautiful road and mountain view.
    Thank you for your recommendation.

  5. Thanks for imformation. I hope I could able to visit beautiful places of Myanmar like Pin Laung one day freely and peacefully.

  6. Beautiful places which I haven’t arrived yet. Wishing to be there after current situations are overcome.
    Thank you all for sharing and uploading.

  7. I believe it must be more beautiful than photos in reality .It attracts me to visit there.It deserves Magical town.

  8. I’m really want to go there, but isn’t right time.
    Right now, we have to prioritize what is important.
    Make a list of place to go.I will travel soon after the victory.Fighting.

  9. I went Pinlaung last2 years ago. This town is so please and have fine weather and it is the clean town.I will go to Pinlaung next time cause of I want to go nantmongyi waterfall.

  10. เพื่อนที่สวยงามถ้ามีโอกาสฉันจะต้องไปให้ถึง

  11. I’ve been there once by chance,fortunately I’ve got a short vist to the two waterfalls.It’s so pleasant and beautiful.Hope to get the chance to go back and visit all of your suggestion.

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  13. What an amazing town to visit!
    Definitely I will go there again.

    This article make me missed my old travelling days.

  14. I didn’t have an idea that Myanmar possesses such beautiful, breathtaking, awesome and fantastic places!

  15. So happy to see such a development in Pinlaung after 20 years of development programmes by UNDP/UNOPS in those areas. So sad to see how Myanmar Military has coup d’etat in 2021 which causes local businesses sufferings in all fronts. I will definitely visit there again when opportunity avails.

  16. I have been cross by Pin laung when go to kayah and had a chance to try their tea leaves when we stopped by for a while. Most people are very friendly and generous to traveller. I hope to visit for next time to pin laung.