Mogok or Ruby Land

Mogok or Ruby Land

Mogok or Ruby Land

Before we start, we wish to express our gratitude to Ma Naw Htike ( Travel By Naw Htike).

It will be the best trip for visitors who are not willing to fall victim to heat exhaustion. The reason behind this is due to its weather that is cold throughout the year.

Mogok is situated in the Pyin Oo Lwin District of Mandalay Division, Myanmar. Mogok itself has been very famous since ancient times because of its gemstones such as Ruby and sapphire. That’s why we are also called Mogok- Ruby Land.

Travel Routes

It is quite easy to get to Mogok as there are two routes from Yangon where
(1) you can get directly to Mogok and
(2) you can transit in Mandalay and then continue your journey to Mogok.

Bus Ticket for direct trip

Yangon- Mogok

You can take a high class bus that costs around 30300 MMK, $15 that is so comfortable. It departs five times a week- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Bus Ticket for Yangon-Mandalay-Mogok

You can take a bus from Yangon to Mandalay. From Mandalay, you have to get on other small buses or vans. There are two different routes- the former one uses the old path, Mataya which takes about 6 hours to our destination. We are not willing to recommend to use this path if you feel dizzy or carsick due to its tough road.
It takes only 3 hours if you choose the second route, the most scenic route from May Myo or Pyin Oo Lwin to Mogok.

Weather in Mogok

As we mentioned before, the weather is cold throughout the year so I strongly recommend you to take sweater, jumper and cardigan even when you visit in the hot season. So, needless to say that you can’t even imagine the coldness in the winter season, so pack your backpacks carefully with all kinds of stuff that suit this season.

Famous places in Mogok

Mogok can be divided into two parts: east and west where there are lots of places to explore.
First and foremost, you should visit Bee Mountain, which is situated in front of Inn, Chan Tharr Kyi Pagoda, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda on the first day.
Explore in Nilar Market in the morning and visit the west part of Mogok that is pretty famous for its places such as Kyauk Pyathak, Many ancient pagodas, Pint Kuu Mountain, Daw Nang Kyi Mountain, take a relax by chilling at hot spring and take a lot of photos at the viewpoint on your way back to your hotel in day 2.
Mogok is also the best travel spot for the ones who like to hike. There are many trekking routes for the hikers in Mogok and the local people can guide you to the best route for your destination.

Famous foods

We can get fresh vegetables and fruits anytime because of its weather. Don’t forget to try local famous cuisine- Shan noodles that have a unique taste.
You can also try Chinese foods and many local foods that are so delicious. You can even witness the breathtaking view of Mogok Inn from Shwe Khit Cafe that is very famous for its drink.

Local Souvenirs

As it is very famous for its gemstones, there are many places where you can try and learn about them. You can even purchase some gems with reasonable prices for souvenirs. There is another famous food called green tea that can cater most of the visitors due to its taste.

The information mentioned above are quite perfect for Mogok or Ruby Land. I wish everyone could relax after reading this article!


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  1. Really wanna go there and planned go at 2020. But postpone due to covid-19 pandemic. When I was in Mandaly, I try to go there but my fri said that she scare to drive that road. 🙁
    I really like the city view with mountains and of course cold weather.
    I love to eat Mogok taste of food. They are very tasty even in Yangon.
    If I have a chance to go there I wanna visit to Bant Bwe Kyin Waterfall too. (I named as Angel Fall from Myanmar. 🙂 )

  2. Such a wonderful city and never regret that to visit again. You must try called Nam Ton( pork) which is only available at Moegok. Moegok tea leaves are the best to buy as present for your friends and souvenir gems are most precious to buy at gems market.

      1. I was born there too. One fact mentioned in the article is to correct slightly. I don’ mean wrong. Mogok’s weather is getting hot and unlike the ancient time. Yes It still really cool in Winter but not in the rest time

  3. I love it. I visited there 2year ago with my friends. Really beautiful. I had never liked Shan noddle before I’d tried from Moe-gok.

  4. Thanks for web creators & admin because I can read about such kind of attraction places in Myanmar & many others interesting news.

  5. I have never been to Mogok and really want to get there so very soon… Thanks a lot for sharing this article…

  6. Mogok is also the best travel spot for the ones and the local people can guide you to the best route for your destination.
    I wish everyone could relax after visiting Mogok or Ruby Land.

  7. What a beautiful place and nice weather to travel around! you will get away from your stress for a while in mogok 😍

  8. Mogok is a wonderful town, attracting every year more and more tourists indeed.

    “Warmly welcome from a Ruby land.”