Why you should visit serene Bagan before it’s too late

Why you should visit serene Bagan before it’s too late

The midday sun was already high in the sky, illuminating me when I hopped on a motorcycle that I rented for about $ 5 and began testing in the driveway around my hotel. They told me to go faster and not be afraid. Easier said than done. When I finally plucked up the courage to walk the long path to the nearest cluster of temples with dust swirling behind me, I quickly realized that this was going to be a special day.

Bagan is located on the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy River in Myanmar, a country formerly known as Burma with a tinge of controversial political history, years of isolationist politics, and memories of what appear to be cultural treasures that have not been fully explored. the most remote places in the world seem to be taken over by tourism, but when I visited Bagan last year it was practically empty.

Now Bagan has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, finally recognizing thousands of red temples and stupas from the 11th to 13th centuries, but unlike similar places, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, which attracted more than 2 million tourists in 2017, the quiet streets of Bagan … often interrupted only by the roar of my motorcycle engine offers surreal quality for awe-inspiring temples.

This isn’t the first time Bagan has been nominated – he was first listed as a World Heritage Site in 1995, according to Reuters, but the military regime that ruled the country at the time has been accused of ignoring him. Ignoring recovery advice. According to the BBC, in 2011 the country began to open up and free elections were held in 2015. However, two years later, the military retaliated against the Rohingya Muslims, forcing hundreds of thousands of them to flee to neighboring Bangladesh, as the United Nations had done. “This looks like a textbook example of ethnic cleansing,” he said. According to the BBC, a couple of Reuters journalists were later arrested in Myanmar for covering the Rohingya crisis before being released earlier this year.

Myanmar and Bagan in general are complex and beautiful. but I also believe that it is through travel, sharing experiences and simple communication with each other that we can create a more humane society.

Walking down and carefully hanging my helmet on the steering wheel, I smiled at the local souvenir seller. I was the only tourist in the area, at least for now, and she looked away to see me. I knew what was going to happen on this trip, during a visit to a college friend who lived in the countryside, but there was no complete isolation (at least the good news is that there are not many people around who bully my complete lack of grace when I got out of the car).

I walked under drooping pink trees and tall grass, looking up and trying to imagine what it would be like if the streets were quiet and there were no tourists in the temples. I turned to the saleswoman and asked her to take me. a photograph of me, which he kindly hastily took.

That night, as I lay by the hotel pool (again, one of the few there) and watched the sun go down, the sky turning deep pink, I gazed into the silence that used to surround a media group of dozens of temples. everything seems to be abandoned.

Following a magnitude 6.8 earthquake in 2016 that damaged 200 temples, Bagan is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we hope this is a sign that conservation efforts in this area will be a priority.

When I returned home, I thought about politics and history, but most of all I was struck by the people: the clerk was just glad to see someone, the hotel staff happily pointed to the house.

The temple in “For Me” Bagan seems like a kind of ending. frontier, something that surprised me and I’m glad I discovered and that I didn’t think I would see again.


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  1. Lovely Bagan. I always visit Bagan yearly with family and friends and I love visiting the every places, pagodas in Bagan and eating such kinds of foods in Bagan and seeing sunset and bicycling and relaxing. Hopefully I can visit next year.

    1. I recommend Bagan is so wonderful
      and this place is more attention for people.
      I visited this is more beautiful Bagan when in December.

  2. oh how I miss Bagan ! It is a good place to visit ti calm your mind and body and explore the not very well-known places would make you feel a little bit of adventure.

  3. Bagan, one of ancient cities of Myanmar, is wonderful place. The architecture of Pagoda are amizing. My favourite one.

  4. I love our heritage and I wish these heritages to be safe and long lasting for years. Everyone should visit to Bagan and other heritage places.

  5. I had already visited there in 2018 but I wish to visit there again and again thank you sharing admi

  6. I suggest to ride hot air balloon to enjoy the sun rises. You’ll be able to see the most amazing views of Bagan from above.

  7. I wanna go Bagan again and explore with E-bike this time. That’s why i am learning how to ride E-bike but not enough skill to ride till now. Luckily i have been Bagan and walked up most of the Temples before restricted. Watched Sunset view from ShewSanTaw Pagoda.

  8. I missed my early morning bike (before sunrise). It was amazing. I love Bagan and will never get bored to go there for several times.

  9. I visited Bagan only once for only two days. So if I get chance, I’d like to stay longer and get to see all sorts of things in Bagan,

  10. I’ve visited Bagan more than three times but I dont never get bored to visit there. If I have a chance to go there again, I’ll be the one who want to visit the most. I love Bagan <3

  11. My family and I once went to Bagan a few years back. We were staying at a hotel and everything was fine until night. That was when my aunt’s family started hearing things, noises and people talking. And that wad like 2-3 am. No one was outside. Later there were poundings on their door and when they peaked through the doorhole, no one was there. My family didn’t hear anything as our room was quite far from them. That was some weird night.

  12. I have reached Bagan 2 times. There r many interesting places to visit. I want to go there again with my family.

  13. even thou i live in the same Country
    i still havnt been to Bagan
    I would really love to go Bagan
    if things give a chance..

  14. While reading this article, I felt warm and was seeing every scenerios like I was at thebplace of the writer. Thumbs up to the writer. Bagan is in our hearts forever.

  15. Amazing.!… ❤️
    Bagan is an beautiful ancient city.❤️
    I have been there. 🌹
    Thanks, for your article. ❤️
    Hope to see more.🌹🌹🌹

  16. Wanna go there again although visited again and again. It’s also very nice to visit in rainy season.

  17. before 2020, i went to Bagan every year …. it’s worth to visit and stay there at least one or two nights

  18. Now Bagan has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, the most remote places in the world seem to be taken over by tourism.