A Heaven from Kyauk Kyi Township

A Heaven from Kyauk Kyi Township

A heaven from Kyauk Kyi Township, Bago Division – Amazingly pretty “ The Thaw Mu, The Thaw Khwar MaungHnan Waterfall”

This new waterfall is arguably the largest and longest waterfall I have ever been to. Let me introduce a new waterfall for friends in Yangon again. Since I live in Yangon, I understand and sympathize with the people of Yangon as we need to go really far to wander around. The places to visit like waterfall is also very scarce near Yangon. This place definitely is a place that we can go as a day trip from Yangon although it is not in close proximity to Yangon.

I would like to humbly request not to throw trash nearby the waterfall or in the waterfall.


The Way to the Waterfall

“ The Thaw Mu, The Thaw Khwar MaungHnan Waterfall” is situated in Kyauk Kyi Township, Bago Division. Actually it was around 3 times the travel time from Yangon to Bago. At first we went there as we thought it will be in Bago. It was 145 miles far from Yangon and took about 4 hours drive. You can travel from old Yangon-Mandalay highway or also from new Yangon-Mandalay highway. From the new high way we need to take right from 99 miles 4 furlong towards Penwekone or also from Phado road from the old highway towards Kyauk Kyi.

For details, you can use google map and look out for Yangon to Kyauk Kyi direction, that was how we went there. Once we were in Kyauk Kyi, we asked the locals for the rest of the way.

Yangon to Kyauk Kyi is a rather smooth one but from Kyauk Kyi to the waterfall is quite rough. It will be better with the 4WD. We have to pass some parts of the road with bricks and sand where 10-wheeled container cars usually pass.It will take around half and hour. Those parts are quite bumpy with small stones and need to be very careful while driving.

Another thing to note is that the waterfall is situated in the KNU area. So we need permission from the KNU to visit. In normal times, it is not that difficult. As local residents mentioned that KNU preserve and maintain the waterfall area well for the development of the region and for the people to relax.

A Paradise in the forest “The Thaw Mu, The Thaw Kwar sibling waterfalls”

The Thaw Mu, Thel Thaw Kwar sibling waterfalls – in burmese, it’s man waterfall, woman waterfall. In Karen, Mu means woman, Kwar means man. The bigger waterfall at the top is The Thaw Kwar, the smaller one at the bottom is The Thaw Mu, the two waterfalls are known as sibling waterfalls. Even the names themselves are cute. Actually, there are more than 2 layers, based on my counts there are still 2 more layers at the bottom, so total it could be about 4 layers. Maybe the two layers at the bottom can be considered as baby waterfalls.

The Thaw Mu

The longest waterfall that I have ever been to. I wasn’t even going there at first, I went out to look for small waterfalls and the locals said there is even more beautiful waterfall and took me there. (And I can’t say no to that). The locals are also very eager to bring me to beautiful places. The route there is quite tough, I thought we were going the wrong way. Once we reached there, the view really made you say “Oh My God”, “This is awesome”. (And I haven’t even seen the big one yet). The smaller one, “The Thaw Mu” is already very pretty, it’s vastly wide and the water is very clear with gigantic rocks. With sand forming nearby, it even looked like a mini beach.

The Thaw Khwar

This is the widest and longest waterfall I have ever visited in Myanmar. I mean it’s the widest. For example, Dat Taw Gyite waterfall is long and thin. And Kyone Htaw waterfall isn’t that tall. But this “The Thaw Kwar” waterfall has water flowing on the massive rocks, it’s gonna be a very beautiful waterfall in the raining seasons, with all the water filling up. Even now when the water level isn’t very high yet, it is a mighty view to see. It will be an amazing view to take drone shots too. I don’t have drone so I just took photos with what I have.

If you want to go to this big “The Thaw Kwar” waterfall on foot, it will be a very very tough journey. There is no proper trekking route, you will have to climb on all four on the rocks, grabbing the plants on the rocks, going through the forest, saying all kinds of prayers you know. And the rocks near the edge are very slippery and easy to fall. If you don’t know the way, you can ask the locals for help. If you’re going by car, the route is for big track so the roads aren’t even and you need to very skillful in driving to take on this kind of road.

Don’t forget to use a good quality walking/trekking shoes and plenty of water. I usually bring sunkist drink when I travel, so I climbed a little, drink a little, rest a little and eventually made it to the waterfall. If you don’t have walking shoes, just go bare foot. I also went bare foot. I used slipper last time, fell down, bruise on my knees and torn my pants. Don’t be like me.

Playing at the waterfall

If you want to play in the waterfall, The Thaw Mu is a better choice as it’s not too deep. And the water is clear and not a lot of rocks. One thing to take note, don’t immediately go into the water after climbing down from the waterfall. Rest a while, drink some water and then go into the water to play. Speaking from my own personal experience. I climbed up the waterfall, took photos all the over the place, climbed down and went into the water immediately, fully submerged. It gave me severe headache on the way back, I felt like I was dyinig. Thankfully, I didn’t. Well, my mom said if I keep doing careless things like this, I will die quickly.

So now you will have a fair knowledge about the grandly beautiful couple waterfall which is called ” Thae Thaw Mu, Thar Thaw Khwar”. It is also said that they will make the transportation better and well-attended with restaurants and stalls. But in this situation right now, you have to take full of your provisions.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are some limitations if you want to go there.

If you go,

  • – You have to go by high trucks.
  • – As it is situated in KNU division, you can go only with their permission. ( You can ask the residents there to send you off.)
  • – It is important for the photographers to take the photo at the places only which they allow to take.
  • – It is also important not to wander around the places which they do not allow. Moreover, we have to leave KNU division before 6pm and to arrive Kyauk Kyi.
  • – We can go there if any war does not take place there.
  • – We are also requested not to throw the rubbish because of the trash we throw, the precious tressure in this wood can be destroyed. ( Deeply requested not to throw the trash.)

To Be Continue . . . . and Thank You

Travel By Naw Htike


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