A hidden gem (Kannari) full of many interesting places

I think Kayah State is less popular than other states and regions. In the past, it was difficult to travel and also the Kayah people were so humble that we did not hear much about the beauty of Kayah State. It may be also due to my lack of knowledge and observation. But nowadays, the transportation becomes better, so why not go and visit a beautiful Loikaw City of Kayah State.

🔷️ How to go?


From Yangon to Loikaw, we can go by plane or by car. There are two roads to get to Kayah; one from Shan State and one from Taungoo. Most highway buses take the Shan state road. It is a little longer and more winding. If we leave Yangon at 3 pm in the evening, we will arrive Loikaw next morning. If we go from Taunggyi, it will be about 4 hour drive to Loikaw. Taungoo road is narrow, so it is better to go by a small car. It will take around 5 hours drive from Taungoo. Traveling by flight is the most comfortable way to visit Loikaw.



There are resorts, hotels and guesthouse in Loikaw. For me, I stayed at the Kayah Resort and also visited around Loikaw with the rental car from the resort. Kayah resort is situated near the Loikaw Airport and Golf Range. It is suitable for people who prefer quiet and relaxing environment. If you want to know details, you can contact Kayah Resort by the following numbers – ph-09 25 888 7070, 09 25 888 2020 and below is their official page – https://www.facebook.com/kayahresort/

And I would like to commend the staff from the Kayah Resort. All hotel staff, tour guide and car driver are very patient. Since there are a lot of places to visit in Loikaw and also outside of Loikaw, we will need someone who is patient and willing to show around. It is really necessary to get good photos and to visit with peaceful mind.

The scenery around Loikaw is amazingly beautiful. As it is quite different from other cities, you will want to take so many photos. So make sure to choose patient car drivers to make your trip memorable.

🔷️ Traveling Around

Before I visited Loikaw, I didn’t know there will be many places to visit. Now that I’m here, I am in awe of Loikaw, the beautiful and peaceful city of Kayah. So many attractions and everywhere you go is full of amazing and beautiful scenery. I am so in love.

If I have to pick popular places in Loikaw, there’s Lawpita Hydro-power plant and waterfall, Htee Se Khar waterfall near Shan-Kayah border, Lwaltamu natural cave, Ngwe Taung Dam, Kanpet village in Demoso where Padaung (or Kayan people) people live, Htee Pwint Lake, 7 layer lake, Taung Kwal Pagoda, Myakalat hill – the highest hill in Loikaw, Shwe Lat Wah mountain, Kyat Gu cave with amazing histories.. So many places once I write them down. One thing is those places that I have written down are quite far from each other.

If you want to rent a car, you can ask the hotel where you stay. If you want to rent the car the whole day, 50000 kyats for 4-seater to 80000 kyats for 8-seater car. Depending on the route and places you’re going, the rate can change too. Some of the places are on the same way, but some will need to go to opposite directions. So you’ll need to think about the travelling time when you plan. I’ve made some travel plans based on the locations of the places.

🔷 Day 1

The route for day 1 is to go to the famous Lawpita hydro-power plan and waterfall, which is about 30 mins drive from Loikaw. Visit the power plant that supplies electricity to the whole of Myanmar and the three layers of the glittering Lawpita Waterfall. Since it’s a restricted area, you’ll need to apply for entry form. Just need to leave your NRIC and fill up some forms, not so complicated. Just a formality of taking down info. The authorities also allow entry easily.

After that, you can visit Htee Se Khar waterfall near Shan border. It’s also about 30 mins drive, and need to cross Shan-Kayah border. There, you can see the beautiful Kayah mountains and Shan mountains. It is such a pleasant view. During winter and summer, Htee Se Kwar waterfall has very clear and green water. In raining season, the water can be muddy. On the way back, you can also drop by at Lwaltamu natural cave and visit the pagodas.

🔷 Day 2

Let’s leave early to visit Kayan (or Padaung) people. Actually, this Kanpet village in Demoso is not the actual place where Kayan people live. This is just a place for visitors to see them and buy handicrafts made by Kayan people. The actual village where they live is a bit far. And the road is not very well built. So we can go to Kanpet first and learn about the life of the Kayan people, who are on the verge of extinction, and buy some traditional gifts made by them, and take some photographs with them. You’ll need to spend some time here. On your way back from Demoso, you can stop at Ngwe Taung Dam to take pictures. Another place on the same route is Htwee Pwint Lake and 7 layer lake. Htee Pwint Lake is famous for being the mud volcano. According to the locals, you can see umbrella like things in the lake if you are someone with high power or luck. On you way back, you can also visit the 7 layer lake, where 7 angels came down to earth and play and bathe in this lake according to the legends. You can find some food stores near this lake. You can find plenty of food on the weekends. You can sip Gaung yay ,sitting in the huts near the lake, or take a rest while looking at the amazing view of the crystal clear lake with the surrounding mountains right in front of your eyes. In the evening, you can visit Taung Kwal pagoda in Loikaw, and also enjoy Loikaw city view from the mountain. The design, structure and ups and downs of the Taung Kwal pagoda is cleverly built as famous as it is. It’s also very beautiful. If you want to visit more, you can go to Myakalat hill, which is the highest hill in Loikaw. You can enjoy the strikingly beautiful view of the Kayah Mountains and the Shan Mountains surrounding the lowland town. And enjoy the beautiful sunset from Shwe Lat Wah hill, the view that can’t be compared with anything else.

🔷 Day 3

On the last day, I went to the interesting Kyat Gu cave since early morning. In Kayah language, it’s called “YarSuKu”. It’s the most interesting cave I’ve ever been to in Myanmar. Why? Because unlike other caves, there’s no pagoda in this Kyat Gu cave. But instead, it’s filled with coffins that were placed there over 60 years ago. And apart from light bulbs, everything else left to its natural state. I really have to give my respect to the abbots in charge who didn’t renovate the cave and keep it as close to the original conditions. According to the history, there were water in this cave a long time ago, and the coffins were kept there. Till now, we can see the coffins on the ground as well as near the roofs of the cave. The coffins are about 15 feet long, and there used to be skeletons but now only coffins are left. The cave is long and big. If you go deep into the cave, you can see a room where the abbots and nun meditate. It is said that no one has ever been to the end of the cave. You will need a big torchlight for each person if you want to go all the way to the end.

🔷 Let’s eat and drink

If you arrive LoiKaw, I recommend you to eat Kayah traditional Curry Pack which is called Hin Htote in Myanmar. It can be available with both vegatable and meat. Amongst them, the shop named “Mingalar” is the most famous one for Hin Htote. We can get not only Hin Htote but also other traditional foods such as Kayah sausage, Fried meat balls and Papaya salad.

If you want to taste Kayah traditional rice, you can get it at the shop named “Myay Ni Lan”. We can also get the Kayah traditional curries such as the rare wild meat curries. Amongst them, the curried rabbit is the most popular one. You can taste the Kayah food that you don’t know much before while drinking the traditional brew. One cup of Kayah traditional brew is strong enough to make you drunk.


You can get the Kayah traditional food at the “LoiKaw City” shop. You can also rest peacefully while tasting the Kayah sausage and drinking brew at the little brew shop near Kayah Resort.

🔷 Let’s buy souvenir

You can buy Kayah traditional clothes at the “Kanenaye Kanenayah” traditional wear shop. But some people say that if you want to buy Kayah sausage, you must order it one day before at some shops. It is available both in “Mingalar” shop and other shops.

For the handmade souvenir made by Kayan People, you can buy them at “Kan Pat Lat” Village. You can get the local food at the “De Maw Soe” Market on the same way.

May be it is enough for the people who want to visit LoiKaw in Kayah State. Hope you will be okay enough to visit there.

If you visit there, I fully request you to throw your trash systematically, not to scribble anything all over the wall of the caves, to keep the nature well and the to protect the value of the history.

To Be Continued . . .  and Thank You

© Travel By Naw Htike


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  1. The place where I love most is Kayah. It is filled with beautiful things. People are so graceful and peaceful. They all are very genuine. I love all of them. Kayah sausage is my favorite one. I hope that people can visit there very soon. If possible, I would like to reside there and living my rest of life.

  2. Woo, I’ve been to these beautiful places. Kyat Gu cave is very interesting and scary because it is very dark inside, but I want to visit again.

  3. OMG, all pictures are amazingly beautiful.
    I’ve been there November last 4yrs ago. So many wild sunflowers along the road. Amazing.. Some hills are turned yellow. And we rest at Moe Bywe Dam (မိုးဗြဲဆည်) before loikaw….beautiful scenery..
    The city, Loikaw and Demawsoe are clean and quiet. I like the foods, kayah sausages and (ဟင်းထုတ်). Really fresh and yummy.
    I wanna go there again coz I didn’t explore more place coz we don’t have much time.
    Btw, I’m big fan of “travel by Nawhtike”

  4. Kayah traditional dress is so attractive for me too. When I was in middle school, I used to draw (by pencil) kayan lady with traditional dress for school notice board PJ with friends. (My bad drawing ever, but I did it…)

  5. I have been there. I really love to visit 7 step(layar) lake, Kayan Tribes’ village(panpat village). I wanna go there again.

    Btw, I really appreciate for your effort Ma Naw, wish you and your beloved one can go back home safely. <3

  6. There are so many beautiful places left for me to explore. This website becomes the collections of my bucket list. I am waiting for more. Thanks. Love this one!

  7. Hello everybody! if you don’t have any interest to go to Kayar State; please readcthis. You will decide to visit there surely.Thank you for full and enjoyable info.

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  9. Most of the places described in this article are familiar to me,not by travelling but by reading articles on karenni websites 😁

  10. Ahh! There are so many places I haven’t visited yet. May I have a chance in the near future.

  11. Beautiful Loikaw City of Kayah State.

    Popular places in Loikaw, there’s Lawpita Hydro-power plant and waterfall, Htee Se Khar waterfall near Shan-Kayah border, Lwaltamu natural cave, Ngwe Taung Dam, Kanpet village in Demoso where Padaung (or Kayan people) people live, Htee Pwint Lake, 7 layer lake, Taung Kwal Pagoda, Myakalat hill – the highest hill in Loikaw, Shwe Lat Wah mountain, Kyat Gu cave with amazing histories.. So many places are there.

  12. The contents on this website are very interesting indeed. I wish they upload a new one daily

  13. Oh wow.. what a lovely place indeed! I bought တောင်တန်းဂီတ ticket, and hope that I could able to travel soon.

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  15. Although I’m a Burmese, I’ve never been Kayah State. But I have decided strongly I must go there after the victory of revolution against military regime.

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  20. Traveled many times to Kayah State for work 7 years ago. Beautiful place, very nice people and exquisite food . I will always miss those days.

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  22. May be it is enough for the people who want to visit LoiKaw in Kayah State. Hope you will be okay enough to visit there.

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