Goteik Viaduct

Goteik Viaduct

Goteik Viaduct

Begin the adventure at Pyin Oo Lwin (May Myo), a popular hill station of Burma. Commonly known as “the city of flowers,” it was the summer capital of British Burma. It was named Maymyo — literally May’s Town — after Colonel May, commander of the Bengal Regiment, temporarily stationed there in 1887. Today, Pyin Oo Lwin is the center of Burma’s flower and vegetable production, coffee plantations and cattle farming. A miniature pony-drawn enclosed wagon is a fun way to get around the winding, hilly roads of this charming town. It is easy to spend a whole day taking in the sights: colonial-era buildings, colourful fresh vegetable and fruit markets, and waterfalls.

Next, buy a ticket at Pyin Oo Lwin railway station. They are sold at 4 pm every day for the next morning departure. Upper class seats are the most fun. We’re told that they were salvaged from Myanmar Airways’ decommissioned planes.

The train usually departs from Mandalay at 5:00 am. If all goes well, it arrives in Pyin Oo Lwin at 7:52 am, allows 15 minutes for passengers to get off and on, then proceeds at 8:07 am toward Lashio Town in the northern Shan State.

The journey takes you through the Goteik Viaduct, which is the highest bridge in Burma. Built in 1899, it was the largest railway trestle in the world. The scenic view from the train is stunning and the ride through the dark tunnel is amazing. The railway staff, local people and hawkers are incredibly friendly, making the experience even more rewarding. Hopefully the viaduct will be maintained for future generations to enjoy.

After the train passes the Goteik Viaduct, it arrives at Naung Pain at around 11:30 am, just in time for a delicious traditional Shan lunch in Nawnghkio town (Naung Cho), located 20 minutes away by car.

After lunch, there are several options. Proceed three hours by car to Hsipaw Town; enjoy a leisurely drive back to Pyin Oo Lwin; or trek two-hours to Nam Ngo Waterfall, located outside of Nawnghkio town, and camp for the night.

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121 thoughts on “Goteik Viaduct

  1. Looks amazing, the views are so beautiful.
    One of the best and incredible railway bridges ever seen.
    I wanna go there again.

  2. The journey takes you through the Goteik Viaduct, which is the highest bridge in Burma.The railway staff, local people and hawkers are incredibly friendly, making the experience even more rewarding.

  3. နည်းပညာ မထွန်းကားသေတဲ့ ခေတ်မှာတောင် ဗြိတိသျှတွေဟာ ဒီလို့ တံတားမျိုးတည်ဆောက်နိုင်ခဲ့တယ်
    တခါတခါ တွေးမိတယ် လွတ်လပ်ရေးမရခဲ့ရင် အခုလောက်ဆိုမြန်မာဏြည်ဟာ အများကြီး ဖွံ့ဖြိုးတိုးတက်ပြီး
    ကမ္ဘာနဲ့ ရင်ဘောင်တန်းနေနိုင်မှာပဲ လို့

    1. အမှန်ဘဲလူမျိုးခြားအုပ်ချုပ်သွားတာတိုးတက်ကျန်ခဲ့တာ

  4. တခါမှ မရောက်ဖူးဘူး
    ရောက်ဖူးချင်လှတာ ကြာရောပဲ
    ချစ်သူရမှ တူတူ သွားကြည့်ရဦးမယ် hee

  5. I been there when I was working at Mandalay, 2019. We tried to take train from POL but we don’t have much time so we rent a car. Beautiful sightseeing along the way. Before we reach there , passing through wide paddy field. So amazing that paddy plants are higher than our car. Bridge is connected beautiful Cliff at both side. After passing through the bridge by small train, saw beautiful waterfall at one side of Cliff. Honestly, the bridge need well maintenance yearly (for safety of passengers). If I have a chance, I may go there again…..surrounding are peacefully green.

  6. Thanks for sharing such an amazing place. Now I have one more place to travel in my bucket list after this crisis.
    I just hope that tour would be with my special one. 🙂

  7. အရမ်း​နောင်တရမိတယ်ကိုယ့်​မြေကိုယ်ဗမာနိုင်ငံကြီးကိုစုံလင်​အောင်မ​ရောက်ဘူးတာတ​နေ့ဟိုး​မြောက်ဖျားက​နေဟိုး​တောင်ဘက်စွန်းထိ​ရောက်​အောင်သွားမယ်

  8. Beautiful scenery.
    Like a movie scene when the train passing thorough the bridge, tunnel and the rail toward the other side.

  9. One of Burma’s most stunning man-made marvels built by the colonial British, Gokteik Viaduct is a spectacular railway bridge over 100 meters above the ground and nearly 700 meters long.

  10. မန္တလေးမှလာရှိုးအဆန်ရထားလည်းစီးရတာမိုက်တယ်။မန္တလေးမှစထွက်ပြီးလွန်းထိုးပြီးတက်ရတဲ့နေရာရယ်ဂုတ်ထိပ်တံတားပေါ်ဖြတ်ရတဲ့နေရာလေးတွေဟာအရမ်းခံစားလို့ကောင်းတယ်

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